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Rebooting, reshaping and reimagining the way you think about your life, your career, and your relationships.

This is a thoughtful, inspiring, and energetic process.


It is about digging deep and learning to listen to yourself. It is about becoming more open and believing you have the power to choose and the power to change. It means shifting the kinks that are holding you back. Ultimately, it is about “changing the channels” from a low-vibe to a higher-vibe “station.”


"Lynn is an insightful and tuned in coach, consultant and facilitator."

David Goldstein

Author and Creativity Expert

"Working with Lynn has never failed to be an excellent experience."

Lin Kroeger 

Author and Business Mentor

"Lynn has both a true passion and an amazing talent for enabling an organization to transform and change amid uncertainty. She can redefine and reignite your organization into its best next state.  I unreservedly give her my highest recommendation."

Dr. Kathleen Kramer



DISCOVER healthy way to cope


UNDERSTAND your baseline of joy & contentment


BE OPEN to exploring new avenues





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WHO benefits from MINDSET REBOOT(™)?

   The short answer is anyone and everyone!   

The long answer is those of you questioning what is currently happening in your lives.

We are creating our experiences 24/7, and today is no exception.


    Your choice to be open to Mindset Reboot(™) is powerful.    

Perhaps you are at a crossroads and want to shift careers? Maybe you have been derailed by divorce, layoff, illness, or the death of a loved one? Perhaps you want more freedom or balance? Or, is it that you feel ungrounded or unsatisfied? At bends on your life's journey, you come to assess the importance of activities, weigh the options, and try to make informed and often difficult decisions. Sometimes, you simply need help and coaching to make the change you so need and desire. Our team is here for you-- using our experiences and training, wisdom, intuition, energy, and engagement to guide, nurture, motivate, and inspire the transformation you seek and the bliss you deserve.

Questions on your journey

During your Mindset Reboot(™) journey, and using both your analytical and metaphysical mind, you will be able to answer the following questions:


are you ready to embark on this journey?

what is your current mindset?

how are you currently feeling?

are you feeling ungrounded?

have you been derailed?

what is driving you?

what are your talents?

how do you want to use those talents?

what brings you the most joy?

are you open to exploring new approaches?

are you willing to dig deep to affect the desired change in your life?

what is happening as you are working, living, playing, etc.?

what do you want?

and more.

Moving Through Your Path

   With Mindset Reboot(™), there is no one-size-fits-all solution.   

YOU ARE UNIQUE in your being, thinking, talent(s), potential,

commitments, relationships, job, etc.


Therefore, you must receive an INDIVIDUALIZED APPROACH

as you move through your journey.

Lynn and her team use a framework developed from decades of experience in helping individuals and companies transform and grow. We customize what you need based on you. The work shifts and is nuanced as we use our innate abilities and working knowledge to see, feel, hear, assess, and connect. Our gift for understanding and ability to synthesize your capabilities and way-of-thinking allow us to work with you on a deeper level through one-on-one sessions, group play and interactivity. These experiences will awaken your senses and mindfulness and support you on your journey.

"When I awakened and realized I wasn’t who I thought I was, and that everything that I did I could still do, despite this, I started doing it from a different vantage point in my consciousness."

Ram Dass

Where Will You Go?

We are your guides as you SHIFT YOUR MINDSET,

You will become more open to new possibilities and remain present as you foster your own empowerment. Ultimately, you will be rewarded with being in tune with your true self, your soul’s work, and your own bliss.

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